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Prym1 Camo® works with streetwear fashion giant, Supreme NYC.

With the recent delivery of their new Spring/Summer 22 collection, NYC fashion giant, Supreme, has used Prym1 Camo® to bring a range of camouflage apparel to the streetwear market.

The Supreme collection features GORE-TEX outer-wear, pants, as well as boonie hats and camp caps in various camouflage patterns – Prym1 MP, Ambush, Pinkout and Blackout.

“We’re really excited to work with Supreme and to see our Prym1® brand camo patterns successfully transition into the streetwear fashion world. We’re in good company amongst other notable partnerships, such as B.B. Simon, Franklin Sports and the Airstream trailer.” – Stacie Walker, Founder of Prym1 Camo®

Supreme is an American clothing and skateboarding lifestyle brand established in New York City in April 1994. The brand is targeted at the skateboarding and hip hop cultures, and youth culture in general. The brand produces clothes and accessories and also manufactures skateboards.

This joint collaboration marks a monumental moment in Prym1 Camo's 7 year company history, broadening the horizons of their innovative camouflage patterns, propelling them into the high-end fashion world with an established brand. It also helps the brand break free from any stigma that their camouflage patterns are built just for hunting purposes, but rather can easily transition across into the lifestyle fashion markets, with multiple colorway options available.

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