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  • I ran across your site online and wondered if you are a source for licensing opportunities for us?
    Yes. Prym1 Camo is a camouflage licensing company. We exist to provide and license innovative camouflage pattern designs to companies in many different markets.
  • Do you have your own recommended sources of manufacturing?
    Yes, we have the ability to connect you with Prym1 Camo's own authorized sources of OEM/ODM manufacturing across the globe.
  • Is there an upfront licensing fee?
    No, Prym1 Camo does not ask for an upfront fee to apply for a license.
  • How long will it take to review the application and licensee to be issued?
    Prym1 camo strives to review your application and provide response/feedback within 1 week.
  • Do you require product samples?
    Examples of product images are always useful and helps us to understand categories and proposed application of our patterns better. Samples (or images of samples) after production are required to ensure quality control of correct pattern adornment/coloration.
  • Can you design a new pattern that is unique to our own brand?
    Yes. However, we do always firstly recommend obtaining product samples in our established pattern designs, both PRYM1, Boulder and OS camo.
  • If we license with you, are we able to use multiple patterns in your library?
    Yes. Our contracts are designed to give you the full flexibility and freedom of any design, new or old, in our pattern library - meaning you can use all our PRYM1, Boulder and OS patterns.


Pattern(s) To Be Licensed:


Please take a look at our pattern library below before selecting your choice of camo!

Thanks for your application submission! We try to respond to all applications within 48 hours during normal business week hours.

Stream logo copy.png
Introducing Stream, the cutting-edge camouflage pattern that blends seamlessly with nature, providing the ultimate concealment for your outdoor adventures. Crafted with precision, Stream's intricate design mimics the organic flow of water, intertwining with the environment like never before. Whether you're a hunter, a wildlife photographer, or an outdoor enthusiast, Stream offers unparalleled invisibility, allowing you to get closer to your surroundings without detection.
Inspired by those timeless, 'old school' designs - meet OS.
OS camo offers a fresh take on those retro designs featuring a blend of pastel tones and angular shapes, whilst combining elements of our signature PRYM1 pattern to create a unique, retro-looking camouflage.
prym1_white copy.png
The original, a pattern design that is like no other - meet PRYM1.
The PRYM1 pattern is a non-directional hybrid camouflage designed specifically using organic, varying shapes rather than stick & leaves to help achieve a truly natural concealment with flora and fauna. Since its creation, it's application has been incredibly varying, being utilised on both hard/soft goods in many different markets. From the outdoor industry (hunting, fishing and hiking) to global street/sport wear fashion brands.
Boulder camo logo.png
A new concept, a new deisgn - meet Boulder.
One only needs to look to nature for true concealment. Textures, colors, shadows and organic shapes all work together to conceal a form. Boulder camo was born of these elements and works naturally to conceal form in more rocky, mountainous and arid terrain. 


Image by Dan Otis

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