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Prym1 Camo® announces partnership with Kiwi outdoor e-commerce clothing & gear company, Bushbuck NZ.

Prym1 Camo® and Bushbuck Ltd (NZ & AU) have officially announced a new partnership to deliver a new line of camouflage garments and accessories to the NZ/Australian market.

PRYM1® is a series of non-directional hybrid camouflage patterns that utilise the detailed colours and tones of nature, combined with the organic shapes and characteristics of wildlife, to effectively conceal movement in the wild. Initially, the partnership will see the Kiwi outdoor e-commerce clothing & gear company, Bushbuck Ltd, adopt an entirely new pattern, Prym1 Woodlands®, to their garment and accessories lineup. The Prym1 Woodlands® pattern has been developed extensively and specifically as a concealment solution, offering flexibility of movement for the active hunter in a forest/wooded environment. 

“We are very pleased to finally announce our latest addition to the ever-growing Prym1 family - Bushbuck Ltd. As a brand we continue to expand globally and are excited by the potential for growth and demand for our unique patterns suited for the vast, varying Australasian terrain. With both brands on the rise, partnering with Bushbuck was a natural fit. By understanding their continuing need for innovation to provide hunters the highest quality gear, our non-directional camo offers the perfect next step in implementing our shared value of designing modern concepts to reinvent the hunting world.”  - Stacie Walker, Creator & CEO - Prym1 Camo®.

“We are really excited to be partnered with Prym1 Camo® and all that it can offer to Bushbuck’s vast line of hunting clothing & gear. We have recently just launched a pack and bag range in the Prym1 Woodlands®, this pattern/camo is the perfect match to stay concealed in our lush green forests and wooded areas. We look forward to offering our customers more range of the Prym1 patterns to fit all the different hunting terrains in Australasia. Early in December 2019 we will be launching “Seabuck” a ocean spearfishing brand with three new Prym1 patterns. We look forward to all that the future brings with the team at Prym1. – Tim Dunn, Founder & CEO - Bushbuck Ltd (NZ & AU).

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