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Prym1 Camo partners with Extremus Outdoor!

Prym1 Camo has partnered with Extremus Outdoors, the sister company to KastKing USA to launch new outdoor camo products through Amazon.

"For the Extreme in all of us!" Extremus Outdoor is creating truly innovative products for extreme camping, hiking, hunting and other outdoor activities, and also, at-home activities.

Prym1 are proud to continue to grow their strong relationship with fishing tackle E-Commerce powerhouse Eposeidon Outdoor Adventures, Inc. the parent company to KastKing USA by helping extend their camo range further into the outdoor world.

Extremus will be the outdoors products division of Eposeidon, while KastKing and MadBite continue to develop, manufacture and E-retail fishing tackle products. Extremus, more specifically, will create innovative and usual products for the camping/hiking/hunting enthusiast and more.

"We knew we would come to this point eventually, this has been in the works for quite a while actually. Now that KastKing is well established and successful in E-Commerce, it was time to expand our interests", says Tom Gahan CMO at Eposeidon-KastKing. "Extremus offers the opportunity to serve our fishing customer base, many of whom also camp or hunt, with the gear they need and appreciate. In addition, we will open the door for new customers through the Extremus brand. KastKing has won awards for innovative fishing tackle products; we hope to do the same in outdoors gear".

"Here at Prym1, our DNA is built on the great outdoors, so to help brands like Extremus display their 'true colors' in our Prym1 patterns is only a natural fit! Ultimately, unlike other camo patterns, our family of camo patterns are 'non-aggressive', but rather inspired by the natural world around us, so they naturally fit right at home with the outdoor enthusiast", says Stacie Walker, found of Prym1 Camo.

Extremus launched late 2020 and already offers a wide variety of outdoor products, from stainless steel deluge water bottles, camping hammocks, survival knives, lanterns, gloves and much more! Extremus currently offers products in:

  • Prym1 BlackOut

  • Prym1 Ambush

  • Prym1 Shoreline

  • Prym1 Firestorm

  • Prym1 Rocket Pop

  • Prym1 Blue Tang

  • Prym1 Sandstorm

  • Prym1 Patriot Blue

To find out more about Extremus Outdoor products visit: or simply visit their Amazon Store.



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