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Prym1 Camo® partners with GunSkins® - Protection in Camouflage.

Prym1 Camo is proud to partner with GunSkins offering several of our Prym1 patterns in GunSkins' premium vinyl wraps. These include Prym1 Woodlands, Multi-Purpose, Sand Storm, Pink Out, Black Out, and Fire Storm. These patterns are sure to appeal to many marksmen in a variety of applications and locations, assisting you in your own mission success. Prym1 Woodlands and Multi-Purpose are great options for hunting, taking advantage of their earthy tones and organic shapes, perfect for blending in with flora and fauna.

Prym1 Sand Storm and Black Out are equally great hunting patterns, but also well suited for tactical operations and military use. When you need to blend in to a dry or arid environment, Sand Storm will do well to hide your position. Black Out is a must for night missions and special forces. Tactical enthusiasts will appreciate how effective this Prym1 pattern is.

Fire Storm and Pink Out aren't created for concealment, but are excellent options if your goal is visibility. The bright orange of Fire Storm is a good way to make your gun stand out when everyone else is sporting matte black. Airsoft and paintball players will also find the color helpful when marking their arsenal as non-lethal. Pink Out is for all the lady marksmen who want to add flair to their personal carry.

We're excited that GunSkins now offers Prym1 Camo as a part of their ever-growing selection for wrapping your guns and gear.

"This hybrid camouflage is unique, just the thing if you've been considering swapping your old camo for something fresh. Prym1 continues to impress with their dedicated mission statement, consistent high quality products, and their take on what it means to render modern weapon concealment. Take a page from nature and become as effective as a predator in the wild."

Need a new Prym1 camo wrap for your rifle or pistol? Look no further...



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