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The Hawker Prym1 Woodlands® Range Has Landed In Europe!

In close cooperation with Danish hunting apparel brand, Seeland, the Seeland Hawker series has been taken to the next level for A/W 2019. Since it's introduction, Seeland’s 'Original Hawker' suit has been renowned for it's qualities in active hunting: offering the hunter optimum freedom of movement, breathability and 'mix & match' options to cover the entire season, in any terrain. With the introduction of Prym1 Camo’s new pattern, Prym1 Woodlands ®, Seeland's Hawker now becomes the ultimate go-to solution for stalking - The Hawker Prym1®.

The Prym1 Woodlands® pattern is a non-directional, hybrid camouflage designed specifically using organic, varying shapes rather than sticks and leaves to help achieve a natural concealment with the flora and fauna, whilst also offering the hunter the flexibility of movement across their terrain by breaking-up their outline.

The Hawker Prym1® jacket and trousers are made from a highly flexible three-layer fabric, featuring our Prym1 Woodlands© camouflage.

The Prym1 Woodlands® pattern has been developed as a concealment solution, built for the active hunter in wooded terrain. The pattern evolved on the basis of our vision for the future - that in today’s world, the active hunter wants to get out and stalk after their quarry by taking full advantage of their surroundings, just like a predator would. The Hawker Prym1® range not only allows the hunter flexibility of movement, it also allows the hunter to be effective across varying distances. More specifically, being concealed at a short enough range to make a successful, ethical shot - when it matters most!

The Prym1 Woodlands pattern allows you, the hunter, to get closer than ever to your quarry.

“Seeland – part of Outfit International A/S - has long been recognised as one of Europe's industry leader in the hunting clothing and accessories market. By understanding their continuing need for innovation to provide hunters an effective 365-day active layering system, our non-directional camo offers the perfect next step in implementing flexibility of movement across varying terrains and seasons.”

- Daniel Beardsmore, European Marketing Manager - Prym1 Camo®.

“We are very pleased to announce this new partnership with Prym1 Camo®. Prym1® has great insights into camouflage and understanding the needs of active hunters. The pattern and colour scheme that has been developed for this year is very exciting and we have great expectations for the introduction of the pattern in our Autumn/Winter collection for 2019.”

– Jonas Andersen, PR and Communications Manager - Outfit International A/S.

Seeland recently launched the new Hawker Prym1® range at a media event in April with event partners, Hornady Ammunition, Sauer Rifles, Leupold Optics and Prym1 Camo, where a chosen select few global journalists/social influencers had the chance to test the gear hunting Roebucks and Muntjac in the U.K, much to their success!

Interested in buying the full Hawker Prym1® range? Visit:



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