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Prym1 Camo’s Commitment To Those Who Serve To Protect Us - A Partnership With The FLEOA Foundation

The days of being able to simply take, take, take are over. As free men and women, citizens of the United States, we all have an obligation to help support those who serve to protect our way of lives, wherever we can.


As a brand camouflage licensing company, we at Prym1 Camo feel a responsibility to use our platform whenever we can. At our very core, our business model is predicated upon Americans' ability to be able to live a free way of life, without restraints. For this very reason, we feel obliged to protect our freedoms and to support an organisation, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundationthat is standing up and offering real support to our service heroes.

As Americans, freedom is ingrained in our DNA. Our right to our freedoms makes us who we are today, all equal, all American. Our freedoms must be fought for, protected and handed on generation after generation. That’s why together,  we can bring about real change, with real action to help those who need it most.

Our continued commitment to those who serve to protect us, means that a percentage of all profits on Prym1 Freedom licensed products will be donated to our partners, the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association Foundation [FLEOA], helping to immediately offer financial support to families of fallen U.S federal officers and those who are terminally ill.

This initiative allows customers who purchase licensed products in the Prym1 Freedom pattern to know that a percentage of their hard-earned dollars will be donated directly back into the FLEOA Foundation. In today’s world, buying your consumer products is simple. Prym1 Camo believes supporting those service heroes should be just as easy.

About FLEOA Foundation:

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (FLEOA) Foundation is an IRS sec. 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and was incorporated on September 14th, 1993. It serves as the primary source of charitable support for the members of the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association (

The Foundation was created to provide expedited financial assistance to FLEOA members and their families in times of need. Since its inception, the FLEOA Foundation has awarded thousands of scholastic incentive awards to its members’ children, as well as almost $3 million in emergency financial support.

The Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association is the largest nonpartisan, nonprofit professional association exclusively representing federal law enforcement. FLEOA currently represents over 27,000 active and retired Federal law enforcement officers from over 65 agencies. FLEOA is the “voice” of federal law enforcement and works with agency directors, administration officials and legislators to represent, protect and advocate for issues important to federal law enforcement officers.

For information on how consumer dollars are being supported for purchasing Prym1 Freedom products visit: 


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